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Is This Legal?

100%. We are approved by the California ABC to partner with breweries and deliver alcohol. We have craft beer attorneys to ensure that we stay in constant compliance with California laws and regulations.

Do You Have A License?

Nope, we don’t need one! Our business model was custom tailored to ABC guidelines to deliver craft beer without requiring a license.

How Are You Different From a Distributor?

We are not a distributor. We help you sell your beers directly to customers using our online platform. 100% of the sale goes directly to you. After the beer is paid for, we come pick it up and deliver it for you.

How Do You Get Paid?

100% of the order revenue goes to you! We don’t take a percentage of the order (because that is a no no for the state ABC).

You only pay when you make sales.

After the transactions are completed, we charge you a flat fee per transaction and a flat fee per additional item.  We tailored this system to be more affordable than working with distributors, while keeping it fair for the both of us.

The customer covers the shipping fee.

How Do The Deliveries Work?

We have a network of couriers that have been trained specifically for craft beer delivery. We come by every morning to pick up any orders that have been made.

Afterwards, we sort out all the of the orders (in case the customer ordered from multiple breweries) and then deliver them directly to the customer.

How Do I Get Started?

Send us your info in the form below!

We’ll reach out to you right away and get you signed up. After you’re signed up, we’ll come by to take professional photos of all your products and upload them to our site.

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