Our Story

“We love to try new craft breweries but some were just too far away…”

Hey, glad to see you’re interested in our roots! If you’re reading this, then we probably already have something in common… We love Craft Beer!

Our story began while we were seniors at UC Riverside in Southern California. We were three seniors with a serious love for craft beer and always drank pitchers of craft beer from our local bar. Once we started venturing out to the rest of the Inland Empire, we discovered a number of amazing craft breweries. We couldn’t believe how delicious these beers were, especially since some were made in small warehouse units and sold in tiny rooms with a few taps. After trying many of the best spots in the Inland Empire, the long drives started to wear us out. We love to try new craft breweries but some were just too far away.

That’s when the idea for CraftChaser was born. We researched the Craft Beer industry in the US and learned that there were over 6,000 breweries in america! More than 900 of those were in California, making California #1 in sales and production.

We spoke with brewery owners and found out that distribution could be a pain at times. But they had no other options for selling beers to customers far away. With all the food delivery apps out there, we wondered why there wasn’t one for craft beer. That’s when we decided to make a service that could help connect breweries directly to more customers while not charging either side an arm and a leg for the service.

We have been working on CraftChaser full time since we graduated in 2018! We want to make it easier for people to try new craft beer and always support local breweries.

Welcome to the CraftChaser family! We hope you love what we offer and the independent craft breweries we work with.